Welcome, 2011

I hope you are happy to be entering a new year that is full of so much potential. I am always excited at the dawn of a new year. If you think there’s nothing to be happy about, just the fact that you’re alive is a privilege! Honestly, I can’t even shout: if you aren’t feeling so lucky, so blessed that you’re alive (yes, even if you’re only barely alive), please reconsider your frame of mind. Maybe you’re single and have been for over 15 years, maybe you’re dealing with disappointments in school or work or your personal life, maybe you’re just feeling down (it happens to the best of us): please allow the freshness of this year to inject some excitement and happy anticipation into your life knowing that God can reverse any of the things in your life you’re displeased with (of course you have a part to play in all this…they say God helps those who help themselves).

When I was in Nigeria this past October/November, my uncle K’s wife was very ill. I am sad to share that she passed away last week, and the circumstances related to her illness and passing have been and still are very stressful on my mom’s side of the family (especially my maternal grandmother) and my parents. I am asking for your prayers to be directed toward my uncle who has three young children to raise, and my grandmother who has been physically and emotionally impacted by this, and who has experienced the most difficult two months of her life. May this unfortunate start to 2011 be changed to one of blessing and opportunity to give the glory to God (Amen).

Because of all the violent video games (my brothers are sitting in front of me playing one as I type this) and movies out there, it’s easy to become desensitized to the idea of death until it directly affects you. I am different in that I get emotionally impacted by death, even if I know that the person isn’t dead in real life. The thought of no longer being in this world, especially when one leaves early (by human standards, not God’s), is painful to me. I’m glad that God made me this way, even though it can be emotionally draining at times.

It was not my intention to start the year off with this kind of post but if you can take anything away from this, it’s to be thankful for your life. Even when it seems like it’s all bad, it’s not. As long as there’s life there’s hope and with hope in God you’ll be fine.

I came across a list of about ten resolutions that I had for 2010 and I only managed to accomplish one of the items on the list fully, and it was the one item that I had the least control over. If that isn’t God’s hand in my life, I don’t know what is!

8 thoughts on “Welcome, 2011

  1. Happy New year babes,sorry about your aunty's passing away. I pray for strength for your family to carry on.

    May this year be divine for us all and may we enjoy divine assistance IJN

  2. Hey girl. I am so sorry for your loss. No matter the distance in time, space or relationship, a loss of life is always a shock and a reason for sadness and reflection.

    Its funny you mention appreciation for seeing the new year. I had just started a blog on all the reason 2010 sucked, but half way thru it, I realised, that all of the suckiness were my own perceptions and that the year had been filled with pretty wonderful thigns for the most part. and I thank God. I am glad that you too can say the same. Have an even better 2011. I am certainly glad I got to see it.

  3. Am sorry about your loss & may her soul rest in peace..amin.

    Happy new year….God be with you & your entire household.

  4. â–ºNoLimit

    Thank you for your condolences…and Amen to your prayer…it is well.

    â–ºA Witty Fool

    Thanks for your sympathy. You're so right about death leading to reflection. I'm really glad you were able to reflect on the good in 2010 as well as the bad…great attitude!

    And I'm glad you made it to 2011 too…bring on this year!


    Happy New Year!! Amen…God bless us all…thanks for your sympathy.


    Happy New Year to you dear! All the best to you in 2011. Amen to your prayer.


    Thanks for the condolences, dear…we must meet this year (I really need to get a car!).

  5. Hey dear,so sorry bout ur aunty,God knows best.Meanwhile,it's only a fool who won't appreciate the fact that he/she is alive.Somtimes though we get overwhelmed by issues,but still,it's an awesome privilege to be alive.I value that privilege always,don't know bout any other person! The message was really gotten on this part,thanks a millie!

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