Welcome, 2012

Happy New Year! Thank God we made it to 2012. It’s easy to forget that not everyone who was looking forward to this year will get to experience it so I already feel blessed. I hope you’re thankful for your life and excited about a fresh new year and all that can be accomplished in it.

On the topic of accomplishments, I looked over the list of things I shared that I was looking forward to in 2011 and how disappointing: I only accomplished one item on the list! People who set goals and actually accomplish them intrigue me (and make me envious of them, quite frankly!) so I need to master the art of goal setting (and accomplishing). One big thing I fail to do is regularly review my goals to make sure I’m on track (and adjust them if necessary). Once I’ve completed my list of goals for 2012 I plan to set monthly (and maybe more frequent) reminders on my phone remind me to revisit the goals.

My blogging goals so far are:

  • blog at least twice per week
  • post more pictures with my entries
  • redesign the site
  • cut down the number of categories I have for this blog (36 the last time I checked–way too many!)
  • incorporate All the single ladies unite! into this blog (I think)

What goals (blogging or otherwise) have you set for yourself this year? Please share!

9 thoughts on “Welcome, 2012

  1. Hello and Happy New Year to you!
    My goals are more or less little weekly points that I strive to achieve -part of which builds up into my monthly and yearly goals. Short, medium and long term expectations!

    As for blogging, I kind of took a break from that late last year, but Im back to regular blogging now. All the best with your goals and expectations for the year. Cheers*

    • Happy New Year (and sorry I'm late with the reply!). You're someone I think of whenever I think of goal setting, because you seem very goal-oriented. I hope you enjoyed your blog break and return refreshed and eager to blog.

  2. I need to make some blogging goals as well.

    Perhaps narrowing down topics is a good one for me, too.

    My blog is all over the place… one minute comical, one minute political, one minute family, etc.

  3. happy new year GNG i never make resolutions coz i dont keep them however this year am trying to go WEAVE free will try and stick to braids, cornrows and my permed hair:)

  4. wishing you a wonderful 2012. I think goals are more achieved when they realistic and periodically short-term. Its easy to achieve 2012 goals if they are weekly or monthly as you pointed out, so you realize you have pending goals when you revisit them before the year ends

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