Welcome, 2010!

Happy New Year! I wish you only good things in 2010.

Both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve were Thursdays, and instead of putting up thankful posts, I was busy spending time in person and by phone with my loved ones—family and friends. They are people who show up regularly in my thankful posts, so it’s only appropriate that they were the ones who were occupying my time. They also serve as a handy excuse, since you would feel pretty bad chastising me for being absent on my blog in light of what I was busy doing, wouldn’t you?

(I must confess that I got an average of eight hours of sleep each night all through the holidays…it was so decadent! This was the first year that I truly got to enjoy the fact that my place of employment is closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s day, because I didn’t work at my part time job during this time.)

This year (and moving forward, I think) Christmas will be less about shopping for and receiving a whole bunch of gifts and more about giving family members an opportunity to express appreciation to the people who supported us and made life a little better through the year. I tend to be an emotional person, especially when the family is involved, and it seems like this condition of mine is slowly spreading to my siblings.

I’m excited about the new year because it’s fresh and new and has no blemishes yet. I haven’t messed up on any of my goals, and there is that feeling that anything could happen in 2010. I have some personal goals that I hope to reveal as I go along, hopefully in Thankful Thursdays posts, but in the meantime, let me share some blog-related goals:

  • post a minimum of twice a week
  • respond to every comment I receive, either in the comments or by email when needed, within 48 hours of the comment’s posting
  • respond to every message sent via the contact form within a week
  • redesign this blog (goodnaijagirl.com) by June 30, 2010
  • have more giveaways
  • feature Nigerians that I admire
  • do more on the matchmaking front. I was encouraged by the comments I received on the online dating/meeting project

My last blog-related goal is to try to get the number of blogs I have to read in google reader down to zero once a week.


I’m sure some of you saw that Solomon Sydelle started a new meme on her blog, the Say Something Nice one. She picks five bloggers and says something nice about them and those bloggers are encouraged to do the same. I was one of the bloggers selected and I am happy to put up my own list of bloggers deserving mention.

Enkay – This woman writes so beautifully; she draws you into her stories before you realize it, and her writing makes you feel. I particularly loved her post celebrating her second wedding anniversary, written for her husband, followed closely by her Pissy Pissy Series (see here and here). The comments she leaves on my blog are also much appreciated.

Favoured Girl – I was drawn to FG through her Journey Down the Aisle blog at first, only to discover that she’s quite the multitalented lady, with her personal blog that talks about her life and her path to publishing. Those of you who read her blogs will know by now that her In My Dreams It was Simpler collaboration has now been published! What I love most about FG is that she finds a way to see the good, the positive in everything that happens to her, while still maintaining an air of realness.

Onada – Let me just say that it was a toss-up between Vera and Onada because both women have the same appeal to me. Onada makes me ill with her fabulousness. In addition to her full time job, she runs a photography business, an online clothing/accessory shop and she has her lookbook which focuses on looking fabulous. I don’t understand how she finds the time in her own 24 hours to accomplish all of these things, but I admire her a lot for it.

BSNC – This girl’s entries crack me up, and I think I tell her that in every comment I make on her blog. There’s something so infectious about her posts that I always find a moment to read them when I see that she has posted. I think it’s her conversational style that makes you feel like she’s sitting in your living room or in a coffee shop with you, recounting a story that I love, or maybe it’s the way she sprinkles her post with pidgin. Whatever it is, she has a way of making you feel very comfortable with her.

YNC – Arguably one of the most prolific bloggers, YNC is basically your go-to gal: she blogs on a number of topics and you really feel that her goal is to share her experiences in order to build others up. One thing that drew me to her early on is her conviction that we have no excuses for not being successful people. She doesn’t allow you to wallow in your pity, moan about how you’re too fat to have a boyfriend (er, not to make it personal or anything). I appreciate her wake-up call posts.

13 thoughts on “Welcome, 2010!

  1. I can't say happy new year enough…okay I'm adopting your blog goals but err…I'll be tweaking a bit!!!

    I'm totally confident that 2010 will be fab I love all the blogs you mentioned and I'm proud to say FG is now home gal to me(YAY!!!)

  2. Happy new year to you GNG…thanks for reminding me to put up a list of things I want to accomplish this year!!!

    I am cosigning on this five bloggers as well, they truly are an inspiration to blogville

  3. â–ºNoLimit

    hehe…why am I not surprised that you're tweaking things to suit you…you're the kind of girl that has to put your own stamp on things; it's part of your charm!

    Lucky you for having met FG! Happy New Year to you!


    Thanks so much for the wishes…Happy New Year to you too! I'll be looking forward to reading your goals and plans for 2010!

    â–ºSolomon Sydelle

    It was an honour to be asked to do the meme so thank you. I am wish you and your family all the best in 2010.

  4. Happy New Year again GNG and I wish you the best in the goals listed here and others too. 2010 is a year of increase like No-Limit wrote on her blog.

  5. â–ºBeverly

    Oh, that's ok! the "redface" in brackets made me laugh!

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    I think you're the best commenter on blogville right now: how do you manage to get to all these blogs and leave us kind words? I appreciate it!


    Oh excellent. The more, the merrier for Solomon's meme!


    I wish you all the best too! I'm sure we'll receive updates on ze bébé?

  6. Happy New Year GNG!

    2010 will be a wonderful, fulfilling dream-come-true year for you – amen!

    Awww thanks for including me in this really sweet meme, I'm blushing red here :) I might do one of mine later.

    You are so funny and cute (lol @ Onada makes me ill with her fabulousness)

  7. OMG! My name is first on your list!!

    Thank you for your very kind words. truly appreciate. I'd blush if I could! lol! But my smile is very wide still.

    I should get around to doing the meme soon.

    Happy New Year!!

  8. Happy New Year Girlfriend, wow thanks for including me in your first 2010 post, so humbled, am just your everyday girl who loves being inspiring and creative to everyone around me, keeping it all real with life. I love your blog too, one of the best Naija blogs for real.

    Really touched, hope to read more from you and even get to know ya more than a blog friend.

    Stay blessed girl,

    YNC Cares!

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