What I’m looking forward to in 2011

Every time I come to this blog, I take a look at the front page and I’m irritated by it. This blog is in dire need of a fresh design and the stubborn part of me wants to do it all by myself, even though I don’t have web design skills. My future husband must be a web developer/designer or it’s no deal (if you want to read about the men who are kind of in my life, it’s on the single ladies blog).

How is 2011 treating you so far? We’re only 9 days into the year and I’m already feeling like the year is getting away from me! Well, no more! Like Miss LNQ just told me on twitter, I’ve got to organize and prioritize or the year will be gone before I know it (well, she didn’t say the last part).

So all of a sudden, Oprah’s launching of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) has me excited, even though Canada won’t have full access to it until March 1 (I hope we won’t have to pay extra for it!). They are doing sneak-peeks of a couple of the shows so I was able to catch two of them and I don’t know, I got excited about Oprah again. I remember about 15 years ago, I would come home from school and watch her show; now I can count how many shows I’ve watched in the past 5 years on two hands.

My excitement led to me signing up on her website and I now want to be in her audience before she ends her final season of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Before you say it’s impossible, it works on a lottery system so there is a chance that I might be chosen. I also went looking for her interview with Barbara Walters (on youtube starting here) because a colleague had enjoyed it and my mom and I watched it together. That just got me even more inspired. She didn’t exactly have a charmed childhood but from a young age she believed she was destined for greatness. Look how far that belief has gotten her! Whether you like her or can’t stand her, the positive impact she’s had on so many lives cannot be denied. You’ve heard of the Oprah Effect, right?

I enjoyed the last part of the interview, where she says she tells the Lord all the time to just keep on using her until he uses her up, and she says there’s lots more to be done! I bet some people in her position would be tempted to rest on their laurels, assured of the difference they’ve made to the world and the lives of others but she wants to change more people, millions, and I am incredibly inspired by that vision. Some of the people whose lives she’s changed (Dr. Phil, Nate Berkus, Dr. Oz) all mentioned Oprah telling them that in order for them to be successful they have to be their authentic self and constantly ask themselves if what they are doing is true to who they are. Maybe it’s an intuitive lesson but in this world it can be tempted to go with the flow and not be yourself, so I appreciated the reminder to always be real because that’s what the world needs, not a cookie cutter of someone else.

I liked this quote of hers from the interview. Imagine if everyone set this goal for themselves: “I am seeking the fullest expression of myself as a human being, on earth.” (With God’s help of course!)

So in addition to being in the Oprah show audience, I’m looking forward to the following in 2011:

  • A visit from my grandma and a friend in Nigeria (these aren’t planned per se but I’m hopeful!)
  • Weight loss due to a lifestyle change that sticks
  • Learning to crochet (Omosi has been inspiring me)
  • The launch of an online business (inspired by Ankara and Lace, Inkspot Workshop and so many others)
  • Being able to cook at least three Nigerian dishes I’ve never made before
  • Visiting New York City (this is a big wish!)
  • Buying a car

By the end of the year I plan to come back with most if not all of these things ticked off…I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

What are you looking forward to this year?

19 thoughts on “What I’m looking forward to in 2011

  1. Ahhh! This got me inspired too! We are so similar it's weird! I too feel like these 9 days have passed me by. But it's planning and being productive. And stopping with this procrastination. Thanks for this post!

  2. i pray God will grant the desires of your heart. :D

    Crocheting is therapeutic. I learned when i was 11…but didnt progress. The most i did was a tiny purse. hehehe!!

    God bless you dear.


  3. Hope you have a fulfilling new year! I need to sit and think about the things I want to accomplish this year as well, but the Nigerian dishes point is definitely on the list.

  4. Hey GNG, howdy? Where do you go to sign up for the lottery to be a part of Oprah's audience. I would love to do that for my mom. Thanks.

  5. â–ºruthie
    Yay! I'm glad you're inspired too! We can do it this year…boo on procrastination! Love you!

    Amen…those are my prayers too.

    I have everything I need to crochet…I just need time to learn the stitches!

    Thank you! We'll have to compare notes at the end of the year regarding our cooking goals!

    Hiya! Unfortunately it's closed for now; it closed on January 7 (I missed it too). You have to sign up on oprah.com and then keep logging in to see when they are accepting people (at least this is my strategy). I'd like to take my mom too!

    AMEN! Thank you so much.

  6. happy new year madam good luck with all the things you are looking forward to. Your expectations shall not be cut short IJN

  7. Hope u achieve it all your goals and even more this year. I'll keep an eye out for your business. happynew year!

  8. Happy New Year 2011!

    Oprah Launched has inspired me too :)

    If you want some ideas for a great looking blog, send me a mail.

  9. Happy New Year to ya, Oprah network rocks, I am lucky to have it on channel 161, really informative, very educational, new shows…hope you get it sooner

    I truly understand the blog makeover stuff knowing I went through that phase myself and had to upgrade my blog..stop by sometime..stay blessed always.

  10. Girl, go on youtube and you'll get all the crochet tutorials you need. I completely agree that its very therapeutic

  11. â–ºDoll

    Thank you…Happy New Year to you! Thanks…I'ma renowned procrastinator so I'm going to need a lot of help with accomplishing my goals.

    Amen to your prayers!


    Thanks for the support!


    Thanks for your willingness to help…and for the response you've provided so far.


    I'm glad you're enjoying OWN; I'm really hoping that it'll be on a channel I already pay for in my cable service.

    I stopped by your blog and I like your new look.


    Thanks for your enthusiastic encouragement!


    Thanks for the tip re: crocheting tutorials. I'm going to look for my crochet needles and yarn this weekend.


    I was unaware that she had said anything about Nigerians, that is why I'm a fan of hers. I did see some forums quoted her as saying Nigerians are corrupt…do you know if she referred to all Nigerians? This is something worth researching in more detail; I'd love to get my hands on the episode and watch it for myself before passing judgment.

    â–ºFuture Husband

    At last! Where on earth have you been my entire life? Of course I'll marry you!

    ankara and lace is owned by Ann Daramola. Google her…you'll be impressed with her web design skills I think!


    Thanks very much…I wish you the same.

  12. may all your wishes comes true! I want a car too and hope to live in NYC for the summer – so let's make this more than wishful thinking!!

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