When a blogger is silent

Bear with me please, I’m still sorting through pictures from the trip, trying to figure out where to start my recounting and my other entries related to Nigeria. I also want to thank you for your comments on the last entry; luckily it was just one part of a very happy trip. There were lots of causes for smiles and good times so don’t think we spent the time sad.

So…the title of the post. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that when one of blogville’s longtime bloggers suddenly stops blogging as frequently, and they don’t announce they’re leaving blogville due to boredom with blogging, demands from other blogs or their personal lives or something else, it’s usually because something big‘s happening. Something like a wedding (Hi 30+!) or a baby (Hi aloted!). Of course this is only speculation on my part but if you have a favourite blogger who hasn’t been blogging as often as they used to, maybe, just maybe, they have a secret that they will be sharing with you soon. Before you send an email to your favourite blogger, asking when the baby’s due or asking when the wedding is, I’m begging you: unless you know them very well, let them keep their secret for a little longer (or at least ask them by email, Blackberry messenger or sms rather than in their blog comments!). When all is revealed, then you can say “I knew it!”

So, to get things hopping (and because I feel like living dangerously), does anyone suspect that any engagements or babies are on the way? If you know for sure and were sworn to secrecy, please don’t share; this is for friendly speculation only. I don’t expect any of the people mentioned below to come and confirm or deny the speculation…this is just for fun.

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  1. well… unless they are bloggers I've connected with beyond blogging, i usually do not follow up.. Cos I've come to realise a lot of blogger value their (perceived) anonymity… maybe engagements are on the way…. :P

  2. Well for some I know for sure, and for others, like you I'm just speculating. There are definitely some babies on the way. May it always be good news for us all.

    Ehmmm…GNG, are YOU trying to tell us something? :):) I mean was something behind the naija trip? LOL… Enjoy the rest of your week dear..

  3. you mean to tell me you were in 9ja and i didn't know about it? wow! that was some covert operation. were you in lagos? if so, were you anyway between V.I and Lekki? Glad you had a nice time. Waiting on the pics still…By the way, in case it hasn't already been done yet…can i suggest a BB Group for we bloggers? pins would have to be communicated in personal mails of course. Just think it mite keep us all kinda…i mean…'cyber' close

    Holla! :D

  4. Well not necessarily, one can still keep blogging and just leave out details of the Something Big.

    For instance mine was not because of the wedding per se (trust me I know how to blog selectively). My photography was picking up, I was working 9-5 and more than that, I realised I was not so anonymous anymore with folks doing the maths because of my photography.

    Having said that I am about to go snooping on silent bloggers now :) starting with Jinta and Afrobabe.

  5. I see my name here o! WHAT DID I DO O!

    Emm hem, in my defence I lost my blogging mojo jare same way I lost interest in so many other things, well maybe as a result of pregnancy. Who knows!

    @Nolimit…I like this your laughter… MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  6. Wow, look how this entry backfired on me! I wasn't hinting anything o!

    â–ºdhjax bagucci

    I agree with you that a lot of bloggers value their anonymity. Are you planning on popping the question to a lucky lady anytime soon?

    â–ºmyne Whitman

    Amen o!

    lol I'm not trying to say anything…I haven't been silent blogger except because of not having regular accesss to the internet!


    Na wa for you o!


    Forgive me o: if you feel better I wasn't really in that area…we had only three days in Lagos, and we were in Surulere for that time.

    Hmmm…I don't know if there is a BB group for Nigerian bloggers but I'll look into it. I don't have a BB though :(

    â–ºNo Limit

    Ooooooh, now I'm curious! Must catch you on gmail!


    You're right actually regarding that…I think that's the tactic I'd take when my own turn comes. I have to admit I was so pleasantly surprised by your own happy news (though I'm not pleased that you're done with blogging for now!).

    Speaking of Afrobabe: I saw her on twitter and her profile on there say she's a retired blogger. She confirmed it when I asked her. I should have asked her about a significant other and babies though!


    Pictures are on their way…you have been so patient! I must start blogging about the trip by force.


    I'm not sure I"m ready to accept your defence sha…try again!

    Trust you to be in agreement with No Limit…that girl is a troublemaker!


    No you didn't see me. I should have been more organized and gotting the phone numbers of people in Nigeria when I was there. It was all just too too rushed.


    I don't have anything to tell at this time…hopefully soon! God knows I'm getting impatient!


    You're hilarious…please, help me ask this husband of mine why he didn't accompany me back to Canada :(

    â–ºNaija American Girl

    I hooooope so! I definitely want a hubby and babies! :)

  7. Unfortunately, I am often silent and yet it has nothing to do with the aforementioned reasons. Just lack of time. I wish I had those reasons… Sigh and double sigh. Haha :D

  8. GNG, you will come back here and explain to us what you went to do in Nigeria. This your Naija trip is very suspicious!

    And Myne, you will come here and tell us if there's a baby on the way. In fact, I want to see two pictures of you: one full length picture, and one of your stomach, zoomed in. In short, add a third one … go to the clinic and have an ultrasound of your tummy, then scan it, and send it to me. I need proof of non pregnancy!

  9. LOL!! @ Vera's comment, this one no be small come here and explain..hehehe

    @GNG: I suspect you jooor, haba! which kain naija sense you wan use for us? Oya spill naaa lol..this post totally just backfired on you sha :-)

  10. Now I'm very curious. I was here earlier but did not drop a comment hoping to hear the real gist. Bloggers, weddings , babies, engagements, Im waiting…. GNG, Myne pls fill us in. :)

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