When in doubt, make it random!

I keep saying I won’t post an entry until I post the entry but you know what? Although the entry is coming together very nicely, part of it is not so still I stall. At this rate the giveaway won’t be until next year! Don’t mind me sha.

In the meantime, let me share some very random facts about myself. They may not make sense, or interest you even remotely, but at least you won’t have to see last Thursday’s post up here!

  • I am apathetic about politics, no matter the country. The only politics that have (very) mildly interested me are USA’s, for obvious reasons. Even so, I can’t say I followed things closely, although I did manage to find time to watch the inauguration ceremony today, and fully realize the historical significance of all that happened.
  • I have worn glasses since I was seven years of age and am virtually blind without them. I certainly cannot drive or read without them on.
  • In the last few weeks I’ve felt stifled by lined paper. I keep finding myself wanting to draw out a plan or a design for something and reaching for lined paper and then feeling so resricted by the lines on the page that I can’t fully brainstorm and write things down.
  • I’ve become partial to rollerball pens with liquid ink (as opposed to ballpoint pens).
  • I have been chatting online since 2001. At first I only talked to people I already knew in person, then I moved to talking to strangers. I remember back in 2000 or 2001 I never thought I’d ever want to use the internet to communicate with people I didn’t know…that changed quickly enough!
  • When I get frustrated, I cry. Yes I am almost 30 of age and need to grow out of this.
  • I’m fairly sensitive. If someone who usually responds to my emails in good time suddenly doesn’t, I’ll automatically think I may have done something to upset them.
  • I am surrounded by a lot of unfinished projects.
  • The longer I live, the more I realize I really love to laugh, and being surrounded by people who are always serious would kill me.
  • I never wanted to have many boyfriends, and was only ever interested in meeting that one guy. Well it looks like I’m getting my wish sha, with respect to not having many boyfriends. :)
  • I am addicted to sugar. Pray for me.

22 thoughts on “When in doubt, make it random!

  1. for a random post, it's pretty damn good! must be nice to be able to categorise yourself like that. me, i just pull a plastic bag over my head when i try to describe myself.

    Hot blog.keep the fire a-burnin'.

  2. im also very sensitive, infact on your list the only thn tht does not apply to me is my sight is pretty awesome,not addicted to sugar,dnt have lots of unfinished projects

  3. Ah lol…aren't you sweet…the email part got me cracking. Now i see why you asked me how long i've been chatting for..hehehe…

    ike you, i am almost removed from world politics but thankfully Obama kinda cured me from that…not that i still pay a lot of atention though..

    Pls do something about this sugar addiction o GNG, we don't want you falling ill from sugar, do we?

  4. I feel u on the politics one.we are the same…I am only intereste in the American one cos of history been made and could barely watch it for an hour without falling asleep…

  5. We have quite somethings in common….i cry too when i feel frustrated…too old for dat, i know. I am very sensitive, i hate politics except for ofcourse, American pol.

    Love ur posts esp. the ones on your Naija trip….Welldone!

  6. Used to be VERY apathetic about politics myself, until this year that is.. Meeting a number of people, in the past 4 months particularly, completed the turnaround for me.. Chaps who believe in Nigeria enough to want to make a difference — for me though, its all about trying to pick holes in their arguments, and hopefully inject some pragmatism and commonsense into their ideas…

    Never was big on sugar, peak milk was by own addiction growinng up, between my kid sister and I, we finished a big tin of powdered peak milk in one evening.. Trust my father, he made us forgo pocket money to pay for the tin, as an example to not overdo things…. LOL…

    The internet came to the University I attended in 2001, and like all would be hip guys, we all got trendy email addreses.. name2k, bubbly_name etc etc…Have largely stuck to chatting with people i already know from somewhere else — i feel that an email is less intrusive, and allows people decide if they will reply or not…. As opposed to an IM which is almost in your face….

  7. I spent the whole nite watching and re-watching the inuguration. I even watched the neighborhood ball.

  8. Hello GNG,

    I feel similar to the person who said that she could just sign her name @the end of the post and be done with it-it's so strange how 2 people who have never met(ie u & I) could be so alike! Each time I read any of your entries I'm always like"I could've written that!" Its amazing really.but the only thing in this particular. Post that I can identify with and understand but not really say is true of me is your self acclaimed addiction to sugar- I can be abit of a sweet tooth but I don't think I can ever be addicted to the stuff. But I certainly will be praying for u as u ask cos of the risk of diabetes etc- that isn't funny o!

    Do keep up the good work,representing those of us of Naija heritage who were raised in the Americas.

    Stay blessed

  9. Seems like we all are sensitve to certain things. On the opposite side I scream when i am frustrated! and i love the blog by the way…


  10. OMG! Are you serious? Me too. I am totally apathetic about politics. The only time I heard Obama speak was in the town hall debate with McCain, and it was really cool so i promised myself to keep up more. Did I? NO. In fact, i confess that I missed all the inagural events and inauguration itself. It's sad, but what can we do…lol.

  11. when i get fustrated i have to hold back tears and my voice goes all funny as well!!! i thought i was strange, good to know i'm not so strange after all!

    your blog is very interesting!

  12. Hmmmmmm….I feel you on that serious thing…and the one guy thing…and the pen thing…I dont like sugar mush (i dilute everything with water) but I hate bitterness. Just a touch of sweet is all I need. I like anything creamy (alfredo, butter cookies etc etc….) probably worse than sugar. GNG – I like you jooo. Norrin do you o jare.

  13. I figured out the "cure" for not crying during frustrating moments.

    I am completely dead serious about this too.

    Clench your butt cheeks. Clench them so tight that it hurts and you could crack a walnut. Focus all your energy in clenching your buttocks and you will not cry.

    Believe me, I've had moments when I thought I was going to explode in a ball of tears, and the butt clenching kicked in and I was able to maintain my composure until I was alone.

  14. when I get frustrated,my brain shuts down and my heart starts to speak…that could cause permanent damage especially if mixed with a dose of good cry!!!…@ being sensitive to mails…I am tew…not…forgive me if I haven't responded to your mails o!I didn't mean any harm…

    Like Temite said…nothing do you men!!!You're a great gal!

  15. i also cry sometimes when i am frustrated or i snap at people- bad behaviour…

    ever thought of wearing contacts..just asking

    ah sugar! u r playing with jedi jedi! :)

  16. â–ºAlooFar

    Nice one! And thanks…something must be done. I'm taking one step forward and one step back at this point with the addiction :(


    I guess this means you're more complex than I am, which isn't a bad thing!


    I'm jealous! You have some great things that I wouldn't mind having.


    It's crazy eh? Are we related or something? ;)


    I know I know I have to do something :(. Pray for me.


    Your answer surprises me because you strike me as someone who knows about everything, and I could totally see you getting all into a political debate! I guess I was wrong.


    Thanks so much for the compliment…I need to write more about the trip…I'm not near being done.

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    Sounds like you're enjoying the people you've been meeting lately…they get your brain working in new and different ways which I think is good.

    lol well that's a lesson my parents also tried to teach me…they didn't buy us candy often and we didn't have sweets around the house but once I started making my own money I could buy my own candy.


    That's awesome that you enjoy American politics so much. I know who to go to with my questions!


    Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you find reason to come back, especially since I haven't emailed you personally to thank you for commenting!


    Thank you.


    hehe…we all have our priorities, abi?

    â–ºConfessions in scarlet

    Awww, you aren't strange at all and I totally know how you feel!

    Thanks for the blog compliment.


    I'm jealous of your lack of fondness for sugar.

    Thanks o! Getting your stamp of approval is a good thing :)


    Wow…I'll have to try this. Even if it doesn't work on me at least it'll help me tone my butt and work those Kegels!


    Thanks dahlink! You're pretty awesome too!

    â–ºShona Vixen

    I'm going to try it o…I'll let you know if it works.

    You rock too!


    I'm in good company o!

    â–ºJide Salu

    Thanks for the link suggestion!


    lol I'll be careful…


    I actually wear contacts occasionally, I do want to start wearing them more often.

    I know! Me and this ijekuje gaaan :(

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