Why I deserve to make it to round two

I spent a couple of hours (literally) recording a 1 minute 20 second sound clip for Blogville Idol (BI) 2008. On a Saturday night. Is that lame dedication or what?

My voice is not 100% there yet so it took me a number of tries to finally record something that didn’t have too many instances of my voice cracking in it. I’ve submitted my entry but I have till the end of the day to send another song if I feel I can do better. Right now I’m thinking I’ve given my best.

Please be gentle on me but generous with your votes as Blogville Idol 2008 begins tomorrow! I’ve been told that we can solicit votes so what would be the best way to buy your votes encourage you to pick me? Or,

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If there’s anything else I should be doing to win your loyalty, let me know.

Thanks in advance. While you’re voting, don’t forget to check out all the other contestants, including the lovely Abbie (yeah, the one who has promised to will wipe the floor of this competition with me), and send them love.

15 thoughts on “Why I deserve to make it to round two

  1. I picked the second option. I want u to write about how wonderful i am. Let the whole world…… em, blogville know the genius that is STING!!!!!

    Nah, just kidding. You know i got u.

  2. ooh…u will do fine…i just sent my own song, only got one chance to do it..hopefuly thats my best, but i think i cuda done better i dunno…i no know who send me…no one has really told me im a good singer, ive never even sang b4 except showers, u know

    anyway…we shall both do well…i cant wait to see what my competition is like…anyway once again good luck…


  3. Dear God GNG! U make it sound like I know my dadgum voice is great!

    I don't have that kinda of confidence and I doubt if I'd ever.

    gosh, don't go giving these people the impression that I' think I'm all that. I guess I need to apologize for picking on you so much. You are my girl, I know you, so I can do that.

    Okay, I'm picking option two, I want you to blog about your deepest darkest secrets.

    Wait, are contestants allowed to vote for each other while competing????

  4. @pink-satin – you can't even vote, can you? Oya tell me kia kia so I can start begging you.

    @sting – you mean the whole world doesn't know the genius that is sting yet? (how's the flattery working?)

    @Naijababe – you think I'm kidding abi? :)

    @freshandfab – you're probably one of those people who can get it right on the first try: me if I had sent in the first thing I recorded people would run away crying. Good luck in the competition!

    @Abbie – I've always thought you were downplaying your talent. Me, I just like to sing in the shower lol…recording all those versions of a song taught me that I really don't have a voice. And hey I loved the picking on…I know there's nothing but love behind it…right? ;)

    Ooooh, deep dark secrets eh? That would make for a short entry but I guess I can think of up one or two things that would qualify.

    I have no idea if we can vote! I hope a good voting system that will keep people from stuffing votes or whatever they call them will be in place.

    @pink-satin (again) – thanks ma! You deserve a big round of applause for all your work o!

  5. I pick sing well and include pictures in your posts lol. You know me…I'm a sucker for pictures lol. I'm sure that you will be just fine. I did that Blogville Idols competition last summer, just relax!! And good luck!

  6. I voted that you should include pix in your posts. I'm the blogger who's always trying to guess what the other bloggers look like. Ever heard of me before? Anyway, I also came to tell you that I've tagged you. Please go to my blog and read the rules. Thank you.

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