Why so quiet?

Has anyone else noticed that it’s been pretty quiet in blogville? I used to have trouble keeping up with all the new entries my favourite bloggers had written; now I go to their sites to see if they’ve updated and my feed reader is just messing with me.

I have my excuse: I’m busy getting read for my upcoming trip. If you’re one of the silent ones, what’s your excuse? :)

11 thoughts on “Why so quiet?

  1. @Vera

    I was going to say you don't have to worry about being first…it's so quiet on blogville that the odds are good that you will be first!


    Abi o. Trust Vera to be causing havoc!


    lol! Now why didn't I think of that? :)

  2. LOL.. I also noticed…maybe people are getting on with other stuff in their lives aside blogville…

    me i have updated o..so go and check…or i am not one of ur favorites ;-)

    where is afrobabe sef???

  3. I'm grateful since I don't check my reader often and would feel obligated to read every. single. last. post.

    I haven't updated because fall is one of the busiest seasons for me.

    I just updated yesterday though.

  4. I think all of us are so caught up trying to get paid as this credit crunch caves in on us.lol

    But really, our time maybe fading out as blogger. Most bloggers did so because we were at an age when we wanted to explore and express. If you look at it, most of the blogs you read are somewhat connected (and possible of the same age). Now,as we are getting bungled down with responsibility, we are forced to focus on what we consider important like career and family.

    The only bloggers that will stand the test of time are those who are truly writers and poets. Kinda like the system trying to regularize itself.

    Blogging for fun might have shifted to those of the younger generations. So for those of in the younger generation, the party just started.

  5. @AlooFar

    Doesn't this make you wish you hadn't marked all those unread blogs as read now? ;)

    What can we do? Start blogging and spark discussion or topic ideas for other bloggers!


    I checked and I noticed that Afrobabe is MIA too. I want someoen in the UK to go track her down!


    You don't check your reader often? I am logged in to it all day and try to read entries as soon as I see them. Yeah, actually, I can see why you wouldn' tlog in often.

    @Seyi Osinowo

    Great analysis and I think you may have hit the nail on the head. For those who blogging is something to get them through a time (of self expression, perhaps, as you suggested?), perhaps they have moved on to the next thing. I've always said I'll find time for blogging even when I have a family but perhaps the reality will be quite different from that.

    This makes me feel (well even more so!) like I'm growing up! Say it isn't so!


    Ooooh, maybe that's it! Whatever they are doing, i hope they come back to us soon!

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