Winners of the four Hellofood vouchers

As promised in my post about eating in Nigeria, the winners of the four Hellofood vouchers have been selected using a random number generator—this was actually an easy process given that there were five eligible entries! All winners will be emailed to find out if they’d like to claim their prize for themselves or for a friend or family member in Nigeria.

The winners (in the order the generator announced them) are:

  1. Tomi
  2. Berry Dakara
  3. Dailyschoolnews Nigeria
  4. Worship and Swag

Congratulations to all and I hope that any of you who find yourselves looking for a service for food delivery in Lagos or Abuja will try Hellofood!

4 thoughts on “Winners of the four Hellofood vouchers

  1. Congratulations on moving your blog to the next level! I proud to say that I was a reader from the beginning. Don’t forget us when you hit the big times oo. The sky’s the limit.

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