I ask you a question
because I want to know
if I am the only one who feels this way.

You tell me why I am asking,
you tell me what I’m feeling.
You are wrong:

I am not playing shy
I am not playing coy
I am not playing, period.

I am not timid
I am not afraid
I am not nervous. You do not make me nervous.

I wish you did.

30 thoughts on “Wishful

  1. FIRSSSSSSSSSST. Great poem. Simple words, strong effect. . . Some people feel overrated and they really are not. It's best to put them right where they belong. They feel their actions have a notable effect but in reality, they hardly cause a stir. We determine what affects us and who does.

  2. "you do not make me nervous". (sighs) if only they would understand that. really good one

  3. its good to ask cuz at the end of the day, u dont wanna be the last person to know…… and true, guys should stop thinking they have such a huge effect on us….

  4. Nice one

    Few lines but very profound.

    Communicating feelings are always complex.

    ……deep sigh'

    GNG the poet!………

  5. great one! its so true..im so annoyed with guys who think they make me nervous lol. I think we only truly get nervous with people we really like.

  6. Guess the idea that we have such an impact on people that they are nervous feeds our sense of importance.. Nothing like a candid talk to bring the ego down a few notches! Nice one…

  7. Hmmmn why do I feel there's a deeper gist behind this???

    So did he/she finally tell you how he/she feels?


    notice the way I didn't jump into conclusion about the gender?~wink~wink…but erm I'm prone to think this a HE!

  8. â–ºGeebee

    Congrats on your first status jare…you got here first by a longshot!

    Thanks…you said it right with "some people feel overrated". It's not that I'm trying to put them in their place precisely, I just want them to give me credit for knowing that which I speak of, especially when I'm talking about ME.


    You got it! Thanks.

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    hehehe I mean sometimes they do have a huge effect but yeah, some humility would be great!


    Oh gosh, I don't know if what I write is poetry jare: I was on this Naija forum and would post my writings in the poetry section and the commenters would be along the lines of my work not being poetry because it didn't rhyme or other nonsense like that. What do they know, right? :)


    You're too kind my dear…thank you!


    lol it annoys you too eh? I mean gosh if you make me nervous you'll be able to tell! Don't imagine I'm nervous when I'm not…especially when I'm telling you I'm not. Maybe they're used to girls who front sha…I don't know!

    You know, you bring up a good point about getting nervous or not: some would say they were instantly comfortable with "the one" so you never can tell how you will react (though I personally get nervous IN PERSON with the ones I really like…online or on the phone I'm cool as a cucumber).


    hehe your "simplicity is dope" comment made me laugh. I don't think anything I've done has been associated with being dope before! I feel pretty cool..thanks!

    â–ºJust DB

    You're so right, because we do like to feel like we're important or we matter. However, that being said, I'd tend to err on the side of caution and not assume that I impact people, anyone, that much…but that might be me exhibiting low self confidence. We must find that happy medium I guess!

  9. â–ºbumight

    If he doesn't make me nervous, I'd say that's a bad thing. But it's more the fact that he presumes to know how I feel, and he thinks it's the opposite of what I'm telling him is what's irksome.


    Yes o, I'll give you points for diplomacy and tact! And you're right in the end, it's a he, but it's not even at that level of saying how one feels…I'm tempted to write about this but really, it's one of those non-stories in my view.


    Thanks lady! I enjoyed your last entry.


    I knew you would. Your writings of late have me so curious.


    lol at "you wish!". You feel me though, I can tell.

    â–º1 + The One

    I like your blog name! And thanks for the congrats :)


    lol you always make me laugh.

  10. This is a nice piece. I like it cos it denotes something direct from the mind. You didnt have to go around looking for rhymes, you just poured it out as it was dropped in your mind.


  11. i like it!

    straight from the heart!

    she u dey kampe?

    congrats on your win and a bigger congrats on your new status as a homeowner!

    we go wash am o

  12. â–ºsherri

    Nice to see you o…where have you been sha? Thanks for the congrats o…you'll have to come to Canada to help me celebrate properly!


    hehehe…exactly! Help me ask them o!


    Thanks doll…you're kind.

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  14. â–ºTigeress

    Thanks o!

    â–ºJide Salu

    Thank you and all the best with your NBA nomination.

    God bless you (and your family) too!

  15. Really nice write up.

    What made him think he "had" it like that?

    I'm glad Bumight asked because for me not being nervous would have been a great thing.

    Interesting as always.

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