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I was in the kitchen at work last week, washing the cereal bowl I had used and thinking about my pickiness when it comes to washing dishes. Like everyone I wash my own dishes after using them, but unlike them I keep my dishes in the same section of the kitchen that I keep my food. This to ensure that I use dishes that I have washed because people have different ways of washing dishes, some I’m cool with and some I’m not. Is that picky and ridiculous to some? Absolutely, but what hit me last week is that I’m ok with being a germaphobe. Compare this to last year: when a colleague casually asked me why I keep my things separately I was caught off guard because I didn’t think my habits had been noticed, and I was preoccupied about how weird she must think I am.

But if asked today I’d say “Oh, it’s a quirk of mine: I’m incredibly picky about how my dishes are washed so this is what I do”. No apologies, no excuses, just the truth. In the work environment especially, there’s a pressure (sometimes subtle, sometimes not, depending on the industry) to fit in by doing things the way the people who have the power to affect your progress in the company do it, whether it’s working the same hours, dressing similarly, or using a similar similar vocabulary or manner of speaking. This can make it hard to be yourself in that environment.

Owning your quirk doesn’t have to mean you call everyone’s attention to it or tell people that the way they do things is wrong, it’s more about being ok with your peculiarities. Being a jerk and excusing it by saying “this is who I am” isn’t quite the same thing. Even writing about this illustrates what I’m trying to say: sometimes with a personal blog there’s the feeling that you have to share something big or exciting in order for it to be worth posting, and it has stopped me from writing in the past, as my many saved drafts will confirm. But it’s past time to just do you, whether that means never wearing socks, drinking your coffee only when it’s cold, or eating food combinations that some find weird. Life is too short to only do what you think you’re expected to do.

Your turn: if you dare, share one or more of your quirks. Have you learned to own it or does it make you self-conscious?

12 thoughts on “Work your quirk!

    • Hey Matt!

      I’ve heard of that combination, though I’m not a big enough fan of ketchup to try it. To a Nigerian, that would be an unheard of combination, because rice is such a staple in our cuisine and we have so many rich and yummy stews to top rice with!

  1. I know a friend who washes her bathtub every day before she sleeps. Even as a guest, she will wash your bathroom before use! We have gotten used to her quirk, and laugh over it.

    I don’t think I have any quirk…maybe I do and am not aware of it?..hmmm..

    Talking about drafted posts, I have some…I am trying my best to curb the controversial side of me! Ahahaha… Not easy, but am getting there..

    Happy new month Jummy.

    • Happy New Month, Nitty!

      I’m certain you have a quirk; you should ask your friend who cleans her bathtub every day! That’s so interesting that she cleans other people’s bathtubs too! Laughing it away since it’s harmless is a good plan—as long as you don’t feel insulted or feel that she’s judging your cleaning abilities (which I know she’s not)!

      Maybe being controversial is your quirk…lol! Just do you jare!

  2. I love you more for this. I’m not all that special or anything but I love to have my mess…my mess. Don’t clean for me––and if you do, I’ll tell you how to do it. Is this weird? lol

    • Hugs Maggielola!

      I think I understand where you’re coming from: your mess is kind of organized chaos right? So if someone cleans it for you they’ll mess up your “system”!

  3. I don’t know if this is a quirk or not but I need things to be organized and done in a certain way. For some reason it only applies to a few things like my desk at work and how I get ready in the morning. Everything has a special spot on my desk so if I come in and my stapler was moved I HAVE to move it back. As for my morning routine if I do one thing out of place I get so lost. I HAVE to shower, apply lotion to my face, then concealer, then foundation (liquid), then a light dusting of powder, then mascara, blush, eye liner, shadow and then a quick swipe under each eye. If I do anything out of that order I’m lost. So call it a quirk or not, that’s just how I roll :P

    • Lol Rachel! I love how you said you get lost if you do your morning routine out of order: I find that so cute!

      Also: your comment about your makeup routine just reminded me of a woman on the bus this morning: she had a young kid in a stroller and she was heavily pregnant, yet she still made time to put some lovely eye shadow on. If she can make time to put some makeup on, what’s my excuse!??!!

  4. Quirk overload here. But one of them that a lot of people point out is that I eat my food in sequence. Unless it’s a sauce for whatever grain or pasta I’m eating, I cannot mix my food. E.g. if I have a plate of fish, fries, and plantain, I have to eat the fries first, then plantain, then fish. Or if it’s fast food, fries first, then the burger. I thought my friend was weird for biting some fries, then his burger, and drinking his soda! I later found out I was the weird one.

    But my sister is just like me, albeit a little worse. She will arrange her food such that she knows what part of the food is going to be eaten first to last.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. I HAVE to have at least one serving of kale, quinoa and salmon (preferably wild-caught, but it doesn’t always happen) each week. It doesn’t have to be eaten together as one meal, but I just have to eat each of these foods. Weird? Probably!

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