Would you meet a fellow blogger?

I’ve been giving (solicited) advice to people lately on the topic of how to be a good blogger, but I feel it’s more a case of “do as I say, not as I do” because to me the most important thing a blogger can do is blog consistently, especially when you’re trying to get established in blogville. There are a lot of blogs around so if you are the kind of person who blogs one day, doesn’t blog for two months then blogs daily for a week, then takes a three month hiatus, it’ll be hard to find followers who will come back to your site regularly (assuming they aren’t using a feed reader) because they will eventually stop expecting you to post an entry and they’ll move to the next blog. If you have fallen in love with the blog of an inconsistent blogger, I would recommend that you get hooked up with Google Reader so that you can be alerted when the blogger updates.

I used to be part of two online forums, one was called Naija Youth and the other was called Talk Naija. I met a lot of great people through both forums, in person even! A lot of the regulars on TN (as the latter was abbreviated) were based in the UK, and some members traveled regularly between the UK and Nigeria…so they held a few TN reunions, some in Nigeria, some in London (if I’m not mistaken) and at least one in the US, all before I joined the forum. I looked through their picture gallery and part of me wished I had been part of the forum earlier so that I could have considered traveling to meet people, even though the thought of meeting all these people who will be undoubtedly more fashionable and articulate than I is daunting.

Any passion that I had for being on forums has been replaced with blogging, so any meetup I take part in in the future would be for bloggers. There are at least two bloggers who live within a 20 minute drive from my home but we have yet to meet, partly because I think they are just too cool for me and also because there’s an age and lifestyle difference: I’m older and I feel like we just have different interests. I’m a blog geek, while (based purely on their pictures and tweets) they seem to socialize a lot more than I, and they seem to take pride in dressing to the nines (rather than my “dressing because it’s illegal to run around unclothed in public” outfits). They are beautiful women but I just don’t know…and this is where a blogger meetup would be ideal: it would allow us to match up blogs and the people behind them, and since there would be some other people, it would be more like a meet and greet; no pressure, no fuss (at least that’s how I imagine it). So either I find out who else lives and blogs in my area or I plan a blog meetup when I’m in an area where there are a lot more bloggers, like in Lagos (when I next go to Nigeria) or in London (a city I want to visit one day).

When I talk of a blogger meetup, I’m talking about more than two or three bloggers meeting up…I’m thinking more like a dozen or more bloggers just meeting at a coffee shop or something to mix and mingle, get to know each other a bit better and match up blogs with their writers in the flesh.

That being said:

  1. Have you ever been part of a blogger meetup? What did you like/dislike about it?
  2. If I were to plan a blogger meetup in, say, Lagos or London, would you take part in it?
  3. If you would not, what would stop you? (I imagine fear of losing one’s anonymity would be one…)

28 thoughts on “Would you meet a fellow blogger?

  1. I like this.

    If there is a bloggers meet up, as much as I would like to be part of it, I doubt I would attend. I once tried attending some function for poets and was bored all through as I couldn't connect.

    I have always hoped for a bloggers convention where similar minds will come together and discuss writing style, the essence of our content, and even dovetail to more close and personal stuff. But I have never being so lucky as to find myself to thrive in such gathering. Even when I meet fellow bloggers (one on one: I have actually one met four bloggers) we tend to discuss on other topics (rather than blogging).

    Maybe it is a personal issue, in the sense. Maybe I just am not vast enough in style to actually engage somebody with something I consider somewhat personal without their comments becoming intrusive.

    Or maybe such events have to be setup taking into account how diverse in thinking style writers can be (sprinkled with introvert-like tendencies).

    All in all, very good post. Thanks for that.

  2. Dear,

    I am in for a blogger meetup, I have thought of that in recent times, wishing an occasion like that would happen. I trust you to pull off and beautifully too.

    As long as there is enough notice/considerations, I am sure a lot of people would show up.

    How are you doing?

  3. ive met a blogger before, yinkuslolo and we hit it off immediately and still keep in touch.

    i wouldnt like to meet bloggers cos i just like the idea of not knowing.

  4. Nope


    My anonynimity is a big one and what if I meet a person whose blog I really like and like they totally rub me the wrong way, that blog is spoilt for me like forevvvuuuuhhh.

  5. I have a blog on blogger about Shopping to Live!!!! I want to meet with likeminded Nigerian bloggers in my area if there are any! I know that you live in Canada which is not far from Seattle, Washington where I currently live. I plan to move out of Seattle to Tacoma very soon but need help before that can happen. Good luck with the blog meetup! I can't travel until I get my brother situated back in Nigeria and my other brother needs help! Have fun blogging and take care of yourself! I am on twitter – amakatacoma is my username!!!!

  6. I don't think a huge planned deal will be my preference as opposed to individual meetings where I decide if I want to meet the person or not and it doesn't seem forced. I've only met one blogger and she is dear to my heart now.

  7. Hi, I am up for meeting up with fellow bloggers in London. I am a somewhat newbie blogger, and it would be great to socialise with other bloggers outside of cyber space.

  8. Hmmm…. not so sure. I always love to meet new people, but it may be a little awkward. But then again, I met a couple of twitter friends a couple of weeks ago (only for a few minutes) and it was fun. So I'm kind of on the fence about it.

  9. sorry..i never actually thought about it, and still thinking about it…i don't know how i feel. I kind of like the mental images i have of my fav bloggers and don't want my illusions dashed..lol

  10. I'm always up for these kinds of things. Funny, that is part of the story of how I met my hubby. We both belonged to a message board and I organized a meetup while on a trip to Nigeria. He was impressed by my gumption (it was the first meetup, the forum was 5yrs, he was one of the first forumites), pictures leaked and here we are. I will be in Nigeria in December and thinking of a Naija Stories meet-up. Maybe a blogger meet-up won't be bad too. Will you help me plan?

  11. I'm so guilty of not being a good blogger! So far i've not met any bloggers, its just something i've not really thought about. I might consider going to a meet up if i happened to be free and it was somewhere i could easily get to.

  12. hey girl! its been a looooooonnggg minute. U shld be open to meeting bloggers- no matter what age/race/sex. But u choose who u want to meet. Infact I met up with Afrobabe, Parakeet, and Shona last week Thursday. I've met others like Standall, Bumight etc and Funms is like a sister to me. I'm now based in Naija so FB when u in town. xxx

  13. I have met a couple of bloggers and the relationship is quite close. Interesting meetup if you ask me… I look forward to meeting more and if you arrange a meetup, I wont mind being part of it…

  14. Hi GNG! I think you should go ahead and meet people, you never know where it could lead! I've met so many bloggers and some of them have become my real offline friends – Writefreak, Aloted, Believer, NoLimit, Belinda Otas, Mimi, Jaycee, etc. So I'm pretty open to meeting new people that I enjoy communicating with online. I attended a blogger meet-up in Lagos back in 2008 and it was great fun matching the people to their online personalities. If there's a meet-up organised in London, I wouldn't mind attending.

  15. GNG, you just make me want to pull out my hair. STOP putting yourself down, have abit more confident in yourself. Too much confident isn't good but damn girl. Seriously!


  16. I have met some bloggers and enjoyed meeting them, but for a blogger like me whose blog is like a journal, I would prefer my blanket anonymity.

    Ps you should definitely visit London!!

  17. I have been at a blogger meetup…. It was awesome. I even know a few bloggers and they are very nice people and if you plan a meet up… i will ACTIVELY take part in it

  18. i have actually met a few bloggers and it was a really nice experience to be able to match uo their faces to their online personalities. count me in on this too!! good idea!

  19. i would like to meet select blogger and i would also attend a blogger convention, as long as i can exercise the option of remaining anonymous if i choose to

  20. There was a bloggers party a few years ago around xmas I think. I went but could only stay for a few minutes. Apart from one or two people I knew before I cant remember anyone else I met (blame it on the length of time I spent and the fact that I was not really a blog trawler then)

    Im up for a few new things but maybe smaller meetings and not parties.

  21. I just really got into blogging a bit more seriously, I've been part of groups and forums on Facebook where they held MGs, I'm not against the idea sounds like a nice way to network and meet cool new folk.

  22. I'd attend a bloggers meeting in London for sure, even though the anonymity thing is an issue for me. I have a couple of close friends who blog, thewordsmythe and Toks, but we were friends before the blog if that makes any sense. Yes, I'm definitely up for meeting new people.

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