Yet another entry about the trip

I swear this isn’t a travel blog now but all I want to write about is the trip. Late last week, I decided to throw anything related to the trip into my suitcase so I don’t forget it. Of course I still need to make a proper list as was suggested, but in the meantime my “dump into the suitcase” plan seems to be working ok.

Just some updates on the Nigerian passport situation. I am confident that I will get my passport in the next week or two, so that’s good. But remember those envelopes that I was told I needed two of, and my sister needed two also? The ones that cost me about thirty dollars for the four of them? Well, the guy processing our passports mailed back the form we had filled out in one envelope. When I went to drop off the form, I asked the woman why I was told to buy each of us two envelopes when they just used one envelope for the two of us, and I asked if they were also going to also mail us our passports in one envelope. She said they probably would, so you know what I did? I asked for my two extra envelopes back! I didn’t get them yet but it doesn’t hurt to try, abi? I need a tshirt that says I am cheap on it (but it might be taken the wrong way!).

The other thing that made me laugh is when I went to drop off the forms, the receptionist was on the phone. As I waited for her to finish, she asked the person on the phone to hold on for a moment. I thought she was going to say hello, and tell me that I should hold on a moment. Instead she asked me if I had submitted a copy of my parents’ passport with my application. When I told her yes, she went back to the phone and said “Yes, you do need to have a copy of your Nigerian parents’ passport in order to apply for your passport.”

Ok, why didn’t she know that off the top of her head? She is the one responsible for checking that we have what is needed! No wonder she needed me to bring in the checklist that is posted on the website—she has no clue!

(She’s not Nigerian sha, but I think the HC could do better with their choice of receptionist.)

In other news, look at this cute pin that I received at the October 1 celebration last week:

I already misplaced mine sef, so I had to borrow this one from my sister. I will be asking for a couple of them when I next visit the HC. I can’t wait to pin it proudly on my jacket.

I met a friend for dinner last night, and while I was waiting for her to show up, I went into Payless ShoeSource to see if there were any cute shoes around. While I was in my section (Size 11, wide), I saw a mother and daughter and every now and then I thought I heard a Yoruba word spoken. If I wasn’t sure whether or not I am my mother’s daughter before, I know I am now. Guess what I asked the mother? I said, with my accent and all, Shey Yorubu l’ehn so? (don’t laugh now, I was trying to ask Are you speaking Yoruba? The mom smiled and said it was, and we talked for a few minutes. She was visiting her son who is in university here; she lives in Lagos but two of her sons are studying in Canada. I told her I was going to Nigeria and she said she’s based in Lagos. She gave us her phone number, and told us to call her when we get there. Isn’t that cool? I mean what are the odds that I’d meet someone who is my city for a few days, who is visiting from Nigeria and who will be back there by the time I arrive? And she’s from the same state as we are, and her husband is from where my mom is from.

All is well and now I’m going to reply to the comments left on the last entry. You guys are really too wonderful for words.

22 thoughts on “Yet another entry about the trip

  1. Yay!!! I was first.

    And second.

    That's funny with the envelops. And the receptionist had to ask you for info??? Hahaha. So typical.

    So ehm…where are you gonna pack your clothes??? lol.

  2. the receptionist and u wanting to collect your envelopes sure i'd have done same…;-)

    i can only see ijekuje (junk) in ur big bag o…hope there will be space for clothes ;-)

    wow…see you are gaining confidence already, speaking yoruba to a stranger…lol..that i doubt i can…but its cool…at least now u have a contact in lagos.

    happy packing!

  3. Vera, don't u sleep? What are u doing leaving comments at 3.30am?

    GNG, i don't think u r cheap at all. You definitely should insist on getting ur envelopes back. Those pple are crooks.

    I can't believe that lady also. How incompetent is that? What does being non nigerian have to do with not knowing her job. Nonsense.

  4. Oh shurrup Vera…

    On the receptionist girl… I don't know about having a non-Naija person in that position… and mildly incompetent at that… Hmmpphh..

    And GNG, please tell me, what is Ritz crackers doing in your box? You might want to check Canada's travel requirements for having batteries and pressurized cans in your luggage oh. I doubt that sprays would be allowed.

  5. @Vera Ezimora

    You tried o! I was wondering why I was still up at 2am but you passed me by a longshot!

    Haba, this is preliminary packing jare. Clothing will come later.


    I'm in good company then with respect to being thrifty? Good!

    Shebi the ijekuje is for my cousins now (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

    I promise you, it's only what my mom would have done. In fact, she would have invited them over for dinner that evening.


    Another ally in my fight for my envelopes. Thank you! I only said she isn't Nigerian so that people don't think I'm picking on Nigerians :)


    It explains a lot of things though, for sure!


    You're late o, madam archiwiz!

    Like I told aloted, those things are not for me! I only eat true junk jare.

    And yeah, you reminded me to check the travel requirements, though I was under the impression that in my suitcase I can have pretty much anything, it's my carry-on that I have to worry about…


    Abi o! I mean this is information that I'm sure she receives calls about at least once a week, she should have it written down at the very least, and be able to communicate it when needed.

  6. Well, I'm confused about the survey. What's the difference between college and university? Do you mean junior college (AA) and university (BA)? Does second degree mean 2 BAs or does it mean your MA? Maybe this is Canadian terminology? Or maybe je suis stupide? But anyway, I couldn't figure it out. But I know I only have one degree anyway. Wait, I have two! Cuz I have an AA!! So can I say I have two university degrees?

    Oui ou non?

  7. It's funny you bring that up, Jessicah, because I was thinking about it too: I have two Bachelor's degrees, but in my mind they're both techincally a first university degree so where should I put myself? I think when I was thinking of the question, I was thinking that :

    Bachelors = first uni degree

    Masters = second uni degree

    PhD = third uni degree

    And yeah, I was totally thinking from a Canuck perspective: you don't get degrees from colleges here; you get diplomas. This poll is totally flawed ;)

    Tu n'es pas stupide, c'est la personne qui a fait le sondage qui est un peu stupide :D

    So, um, to answer your question you can totally say you have two degrees!

  8. What is all this french speaking going on here? I'm dying of jealousy. My cousin does that all the time on FB. I almost want to kill her. It's about time i learn that language. I think it's the most romantic language ever, although spanish would be the most useful language i could learn over here, but i really want to learn some french.

  9. LOLLL…after reading this post, I randomly scrolled to the top part of your blog and saw your inscription "murdering Yoruba language since 1979"

    Hope the woman didn't laugh at your Yoruba.

    Awww, u're travelling to Naija. I pray you have a safe trip…pls bring Golden Morn for me…..LOLLL (j/k). But yeah, have as much fun as u can…yay!!!

  10. Me late? We had a deal girlie…and you no come show face…

    UUrrrghhhh… @Jaycee Golden Morn???? I never liked it at all….

    GNG… They've gone beyond carry-ons oh… You know that pressurized cans can detonate, releasing the same energy as a bomb… Not to scare u sha but…

    i love French too…. I can barely remember any from secondary school, but I still love it all the same.

    I was confused about the degree thing, because I have 2 Bachelor's and two Masters degrees (in my dreams) so I wasn't sure. :d

  11. OMG!1 Two guys were passing each other in the hall way at work and spoke yoruba to each other and I asked (as if I didn't know) "were you guys speaking yoruba"

    I got all excited because though there are Naija names in the company directory I don't know where they are located physically. Nice to know there were at least two in my building.

    Have fun on your trip. With all your planning, I'm feeling a sense of nostalgia. I wanna go too!!

  12. lol @ aloted seeing ijekuje…lol! Too funny, is that the carry on or does that bag go through customs? You can kiss your ijekuje good bye if customs in naija gets their hands on it.

  13. Honestly, those embassy peeps could be annoying some times. Suitcase looking good. I love Ritz crackers!

  14. Well done and happy packing, i tell you i'd have demanded my other envelope back when is this trip? Cool you met someone from the home country!

  15. some how I do not think you will get them back. Good luck with the passport and Safe journey.

  16. When are you leaving na? I see something missing in that suitcase…."Femi B nicely folded " Can i be your hand luggage?

  17. @sting

    No vex; we'll speak English too.


    Maybe she was being polite but she didn't laugh at all. I think she was happy that I talked to her.

    Thanks for the prayers and the good wishes! Now you have me curious to know what Golden Morn is.


    Forgive me.

    What is Golden Morn?

    Thanks for the info! I checked the website and it seems like insect repellant is ok in my checked luggage. There are a lot of little rules though, check it out if you're bored.


    Oh, so have you made some new friends then?

    I will have fun on the trip o! It's not too late for you to go. You're the one person who would fit into my suitcase without much trouble. Tim can come too :)

    Well the ijekuje was going to be put into my checked luggage. I really hope they don't go through it :(


    lol I can only eat Ritz when the mood strikes me.


    I'm glad I'm not alone in wanting my envelopes back! The trip is in a couple of weeks…time is just flying by. Thanks for the good wishes.


    Surprisingly (even to me) I did get them back. God was on my side; I only had to mention it to the receptionist and it all worked out.

    @Femi B

    I'm leaving in a couple of weeks! My hand luggage is still empty and I'd be honoured if you'd show up there. :)

  18. …'tis not about being cheap but, demanding what is right. Until we consciously (& consistently) choose to do so (even at the expense of being thot cheap) we shall continue to be (unnecessarily) exploited.

  19. This is true. With things like this it is often a matter of principle for me. I mean I asked them originally if they really needed 4 envelopes and they said yes. Now if they only need two, they should have no trouble turning over the remaining two (and they did), so I'm glad that worked out well.

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